big boss telugu vote Things To Know Before You Buy

Kireeti Damaraju, is a Telegu movie actor. He started his carrier To put it briefly movies and most those small films went viral which helped him to seize an opportunity in aspect movies.

Tejaswini childhood Reminiscences are painfull even now managing with her, that’s why she behaving like that , can be her attire aren't good but she is not terrible ,according to my information who is perfect on this planet?

Aadarsh enduku hariteja ni nominate cheyala tane annadu ga nuvvu mobile phone vishayam lo double activity aadav annadu mari nominations roju aa point gurthuku raaleda. endukante hari teja emanna ante tanu immediate ga reply istundi ade archana unna existing circumstance lo emanna padi untundi ledante saaga teestundi edi jarigina next time once more archana ni nominate cheyochu ani prepare. villan veshalu vesadu kaabatti aa programs anni ikkada apply chestunnadu. men inka chaala cheppochu men sariga observe cheste meeke telustundi.

3. She misbehaved with deeksha in the bathroom which was quite obvious Incidentally digital camera captured The problem. Archana narrated it fully opposite to sameer whilst deeksha narrated the particular situation to mumaith.

Plz endukandi biggboss telugu raani vaallanu pedatharu pooja ku asalu telugu ravatledu ,nandini also ,aavida tamil biggboss ki ,nandini kannada biggboss ki vellochhukada , mana telugu vaallanu theesukoni plz

Candidates at the time entered your house will likely have no contacts While using the outer earth. That is the party the candidates won't be permitted to use cell phone, newspaper, observe and so on.

Often, the 1 who bought greatest votes could be rewarded as well. Like, sampoornesh babu obtained optimum votes from contestants, and Bigg boss will make him as being a caption.

You'll find the These days’s promo of your show which supplies a brief thought on what is going to happen today evening and this is essentially performed to tease the viewers and acquire them able to watch the episode.

బిగ్బాస్ సెకండ్ సీజన్ లో వ్యక్తిగత దూషణలు ఎక్కువగా ఉన్నవి .అది బిగ్బాస్ సెలబ్రిటీలు అలా మాట్లాడటం బిగ్బాస్ షో చూస్తున్న మాకి ఇబ్బందిగా ఉంది.

Any votes despatched by the Viewers to the Shortlisted Members who weren't a Component of that exact Day/Episode because of elimination or not shortlisted for every other cause in anyway, shall not be regarded as and shall be null and void.

Expensive Good friend I feel its like Motion picture everything is fastened by big b. Winner is already decided by huge b. That’s The rationale Navdeep finding royal remedy.

Pls remove nandini rai we r unable to bare her dressing and her way of referring to the contestants

Nani in very last 7 days informed to Tejaswini and Samrat to change their behaving with one another but they are continuing in the identical some ladies behaving with boys so vulgar.

Each of the sixteen contestants can enter the check here Bigg Boss residence on the initial day by itself. When they’re in, they might’t go away the premises any more.

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